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1949 FORD F SERIES Engine - Gaskets

Engine - Gaskets:All parts for 1949 FORDF SERIES
Part #Engine / Misc DescriptionPart DescriptionClick to Check Price
7524S L6 3.7L FEL-PRO Part # 7524S ; L-Head engine; 95 HP eng.; Series H {Head Gasket}
7525B V8 3.9L FEL-PRO Part # 7525B ; L-Head engine; Loc. R.H.; Standard bore 3.270'' {Head Gasket}
7525B1 V8 3.9L FEL-PRO Part # 7525B1 ; L-Head engine; Loc. R.H.; Overbore 3.420'' {Head Gasket}
7526B V8 3.9L FEL-PRO Part # 7526B ; L-Head engine; Loc. L.H.; Standard bore 3.270'' {Head Gasket}
7526B1 V8 3.9L FEL-PRO Part # 7526B1 ; L-Head engine; Loc. L.H.; Overbore 3.420'' {Head Gasket}
HS7525B V8 3.9L FEL-PRO Part # HS7525B ; L-Head engine {Head Gasket Set HEAD (HS) SETS are used for upper engine repair only, typically on a valve grind.}
MS8903 V8 3.9L FEL-PRO Part # MS8903 ; L-Head engine {Int. Manifold Gasket Set}
BS10642-2 V8 3.9L FEL-PRO Part # BS106422 ; L-Head engine; Rope {Rear Main Seal Set}
VS2976 L6 3.7L FEL-PRO Part # VS2976 ; L-Head engine; 95 HP eng.; Series H {Valve Cover Gasket Set}
SS5566 V8 3.9L FEL-PRO Part # SS5566 ; L-Head engine; Loc. Int. {Valve Stem Seal Set}
FS7524S L6 3.7L FEL-PRO Part # FS7524S ; L-Head engine; 95 HP eng.; Series H; Crankshaft front & rear rope packing not incl. {Full Gasket Set - FULL (FS) SETS are f
FS7525B V8 3.9L FEL-PRO Part # FS7525B ; L-Head engine {Full Gasket Set - FULL (FS) SETS are for upper and lower engine work combined, usually a complete overhaul.}