Engineering, Drafting, CAD Design Services
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Full scale engineering services, such as product design, CAD work and 3D modeling of full prototypes including 3D printed real working models, product testing/analysis, photorealistic rendering services.

Specializing (but not limited to) in automotive / aerospace parts, including restoration of small out of productions parts and tools. Send us your old broken or used part or tool - we'll make a CAD drawing, including improving on the design if requested. We'll 3D print it and send the prototype back to you. When required parts can be 3D metallic printed for high strength and solidity and/or additionally machined. We can help organize small batch manufacturing too.

We can work from: hand sketches, JPGs, PDFs, CAD files, real worn out or broken old parts.

All that at a low hourly fee or a negotiated total job cost.