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Part Number: TT9037

BMW CAMSHAFT TIMING TOOL KIT B16 B20 E81 E82 E87 88 E46 E90 N40 N45 N45T

Price $ 95

Model Type Engine Code Year
1 Series 116i (E81|82|87|88) N45 B16A|B16AC 2004-2010
3 Series 316/316ti (E46) B40 B16A|N45 B16A|B16AC 2002-2005
3 Series (E90) N45T B16 2007-2009
Locks the engine to check and adjust the camshaft timing and remove or replace the cam chain. This kit also includes the VANOS plate which
is required to lock the variable valve timing system in the correct position.
Due to positioning of the chain drive it will be necessary to remove the sump for removal or refitting the timing chain and sprocket.
The engine should be set at TDC no.1.
As a precautionary check the camshafts are in their TDC No 1 position when the slots in the end of the cams is facing vertically and the
cam lobes on No 1cylinder are pointing vertically and slightly outwards.
If the timing needs to be adjusted the camshaft sprockets bolts will need to be loosened.
The camshaft sprocket retaining bolts should not be re-used.

Ref  Code    OEM Ref       Description
A     C518    11 7 252        Camshaft Locking Tool, Inlet
B     C517    11 7 251        Crankshaft Locking Tool, Exhaust
C    C327     11 9 190        Flywheel Locking Pin
D    C519     11 7 260        VANOS Sensor Setting Tool
E                                        Fixing Screws
F    C328    11 9 340 /1     Chain Tensioner Tool
Price $95