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Part Number: GT9250


Price $ 16.85

ONE MAN BRAKE BLEEDER TOOL Every time a brake hydraulic line is open (replace caliper, wheel or master cylinder, brake hose, etc.) the brake system must be bled for all air to exit from the hydraulic lines.
If you have a "soft" pedal and need to pump one or more times for brakes to engage most likely there is air in the hydraulic brake system.
This tool is very easy and simple to use. Just attach one transparent hose to the caliper (wheel cylinder, etc.) bleeder screw, Attach the other end to the one valve ( make sure the arrow points outward, i.e. from the caliper to the open end) attach the other clear hose to the other end of the valve and put the clear end into a brake fluid collecting bottle (small pan works OK too)
One-way check valve keeps air from flowing back into caliper or wheel cylinder when brake pedal is released, eliminating the need for a helper.
Bleed until there are no air bubbles in the clear parts of the hose after the check valve, but only brake fluid.
This hose allows brakes to be bled by one person, normally a 2 person job. Services calipers, wheel cylinders and master cylinders.
Keeps air from entering system when pedal is released via the one way check valve.
Makes bleeding a neat clean operation - no more spilled fluids.clear tube allows you to see air bubbles and contaminants in brake fluid.
Price $16.85