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Part Number: A444

VW / Audi Strut Nut Socket

Price $ 13.9742

  • Services FWD VW & Audi with top shock-retaining nut recessed inside the strut tower
  • Tool's center bore holds the strut shaft to keep from turning
  • Use with a 7/8" (22mm) socket

Application Chart:

Make Model Submodel Engine Year
Volkswagen Golf Base 1.8L 1985-1988
Volkswagen Golf Base 1.6L 1985-1986
Volkswagen Golf GTI 1.8L 1985-1987
Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0L 1990-1996
Volkswagen Golf GTI 16-Valve 1987-1992
Volkswagen Golf GT 1.8L 1987-1988
Volkswagen Golf GL 1.8L 1987-1992
Volkswagen Golf GL 2.0L 1994-1996
Volkswagen Golf City 2.0L 1995
Volkswagen Golf Sport 2.0L 1995
Volkswagen Golf Limited Edition 2.0L 1994
Volkswagen Golf Celebration Edition 2.0L 1995
Volkswagen Jetta GLI 16-Valve 1984-1992
Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8L 1985-1992
Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.6L 1990-1992
Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0L 1993-1996
Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0L 1993-1196
Volkswagen Jetta Carat 1.8L 1988-1992
Volkswagen Jetta Celebration Edition 2.0L 1995
Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition 2.0L 1996
Volkswagen Jetta Limited Edition 2.0L 1994
Volkswagen Jetta City 2.0L 1995


Price $13.9742