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Part Number: 8910

1/2" Drive Torque Wr. - 250 ft. lb.

Price $ 114.3643

  • Reversible ratchet type with chrome-plated tube, knurled handle and knurled locking nut holding toque setting
  • Packed in blow mold case
  • Drive: 1/2"
  • Range: 25 - 250 Ft. Lb.
  • OAL: 25" / 64cm


  1. Balancing wrench in hand with graduations visible with the marked arrow Elementary Scale up, then unlock knurled handle by turning lock nut counter clockwise
  2. Set amount of torque required by turning knurled handle to read exact amount on case graduations. Example 56 ft. lbs
    1. Turn knurled handle until the zero graduation on the bevel edge of the knurled handle is lined up with the vertical mark on the case and is even with the 50 ft. lbs graduation.
    2. Turn knurled handle clockwise until 16 ft. lbs graduation on the bevel edge of the handle is in line with the vertical line on the case.
    3. Lock handle securely by turning lock nut clockwise, and now wrench is set at 56 ft. lbs which is ready to use.
Price $114.3643