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Part Number: 8084

Master Pulley Puller/Installer Kit

Price $ 97.9193

  • Removes and installs press-on type belt driven accessory pulleys on pumps with 3/8Gă?-16 threaded shafts
  • Interchangeable components allow service on almost all domestic makes, including GM Quad 4, GM 3.1L and Ford 4.6L engines
  • Impact quality tool
  • Complete with instructions
  • Packed in blow mold case


  1. Screw the threaded shaft into the removal housing, then insert proper removal pin into the hollow end of the shaft.
  2. Engage the removal housing onto the recessed groove of the pulley.
  3. Using a 3/4Gă? wrench or socket, turn the threaded shaft clockwise until the pulley is removed (hold the removal housing/pulley stationary).


  1. Thread the proper installation nut all the way on the threaded shaft.
  2. Slide on the first washer, then the thrust bearing, then the second washer.
  3. Screw the proper threaded installing adapter into the threaded shaft.
  4. Slide the pulley on the threaded shaft.
  5. Screw the small end of the threaded shaft into the pump or alternator shaft hole all the way.
  6. Using a 15/16Gă? deep socket, rotate the installation nut clockwise to force the pulley onto the pump or alternator shaft (hold the pulley stationary).

Replacement Components:

  • 8084X03 - Installer-Quad 4
  • 8084X04 - Installer - GM 3.1L
  • 8084X05 - Installation Nut
  • 8084X06 - Installer 3/8-16
  • 8084X07 - Installer - 4.6L
  • 8084X08 - Universal Remover Pin
  • 8084X10 - Threaded Shaft
Price $97.9193