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Part Number: 8083

22 Pc. Alternator Tool Kit

Price $ 116.5092

  • Complete set of tools to remove and install press-on-type belt-drive Bosch and Denso Alternator Pulleys
  • Components include:
    • Torx -, Triple-Square and Hex socket bits in standard and short lengths
    • An assortment of splined and hex reaction nuts and adapters
    • 1/2G? square drive bit adapter
    • All packed in blowmold case
  • Applications: VW, Audi, Seat, Mercedes, Renault, BMW, Ford, Fiat, Honda, Toyota, Porsche, etc


  1. Select the proper combination of tools G specialty bit & sleeve G appropriate for your vehicle. 
  2. Insert the specialty bit end to lock the Alternator, while inserting the sleeve into the pulley locking bolt.
  3. Hold bit in place with square drive ratchet, while turning the sleeve with wrench.


Price $116.5092