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Part Number: 8080

Pulley Puller

Price $ 33.5693

  • Removes pressed-on 1 or 2 groove pulleys from alternators and power steering pumps without damage
  • Fits both large and small pulleys found on older domestic and import passenger cars
  • Features rigid, drop-forged jaws, a solid block body and a fine thread screw for easy pulling


  1. Using the knurled screws, Install the jaws on the block so they are the proper distance apart for the pulley to be pulled. Leave the screws loose.
  2. Place the jaws in the groove at the pulley hub, then tighten the knurled screws.
  3. While holding the puller in place, turn the driver screw clockwise until its tip contacts the shaft of the alternator or pump.
  4. Continue turning the drive screw until the pulley is removed.
Price $33.5693