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Part Number: 8065

Large Bearing Splitter

Price $ 66.4593

  • Remove generator gears, bearings, bearing cones and similar parts where ordinary puller jaws will not reach
  • Knife-like edges minimize damage to parts
  • Range: Up to 4-1/4" / 108mm


Use with regular gear puller or by itself where wedging action is needed
1. Remove nuts from bolts and separate the two halves of the splitter.
2. Reassemble splitter so that the sharp edges are placed behind the bearing or gear that is being pulled.
3. Tighten the nuts
Note: in some cases the wedging action of the splitter is all that is needed to release the bearing or gear
4. Attach a puller so the jaws are securely attached to the back of the splitter, then use the pulling action of the puller until the bearing or gear has been released.

Price $66.4593