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Part Number: 7635

Volvo Crankshaft Counter Holder

Price $ 50.0143

  • Used to counter-hold the crankshaft pulley to release and tighten center bolt
  • Compare to Volvo Factory Tool: #999 5433

Basic Instructions:


  1. Remove the engine drive belt.
  2. Use the Crankshaft Pulley Holder, to prevent the crankshaft from rotating while loosening the crankshaft balancer bolt. 
  3. Remove the crankshaft balancer bolt. Discard the bolt.
  4. Remove the crankshaft balancer.


  1. Install the crankshaft balancer.
  2. Install a NEW crankshaft balancer bolt.
  3. Use the Crankshaft Pulley Holder to prevent the crankshaft from rotating while tightening the crankshaft balancer bolt. Tighten the bolt to Manufacturer recommended ft. lbs. 
  4. Install the engine drive belt.

Application Chart: 

Make Model Year
Volvo C30 2006-2013
Volvo C70 1998-2013
Volvo S40 1996-2012
Volvo S60 2000-2015
Volvo S70 1998-2000
Volvo S80 1998-2015
Volvo V40 1996-1999
Volvo V50 2004-2012
Volvo V60 2010-2015
Volvo V70 1998-2015
Volvo XC60 2008-2015
Volvo XC70 2002-2015
Volvo XC90 2002-2013
Ford Focus 2005-2011
Ford Galaxy 2006-2010
Ford Kuga 2011-2013
Ford Mondeo 2007-2010
Ford S-Max 2006-2010


Price $50.0143