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Part Number: 7539

A/C Clutch Plate Remover/Installer - GM

Price $ 29.98

  • Services GM A6 and R4 compressors with SAE threads
  • Not for clutches with metric threads
  • Installer tool ID 3/8" - 24



1.       Remove clutch retaining ring or nut. Use a spanner wrench to prevent the hub plate from turning.

2.       Attach the tool to the end plate by threading the outer nut of the tool into the center hole of the clutch plate.

3.       Tighten the inner tool arbor against the end of the compressor shaft to lift the plate.


1.       Position the shaft key in place.

2.       Slide the clutch hub onto the shaft of the compressor. Be careful not to damage the components by using excess force.

3.       Thread the inner part of the tool onto the shaft. Tighten the outer nut of the tool to push the shaft key in.

4.       Set the air gap. Add or remove shims to obtain the mfg. specifications. Always set at the min. number and measure at multiple points around the circumference.

5.       Reinstall the retaining ring or nut.

6.       Check oil level and rotate the hub with the nose of the compressor down to help lubricate. You can check for ease of rotation. 


Price $29.98