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Part Number: 7015

Pressure Brake Bleeder

Price $ 106.4993

  • Creates pressure to push brake fluid through the system
  • 3 liter capacity tank with pressure release valve
  • Filling hone with screw cap
  • 0-70 PSI gauge range, but DO NOT EXCEED 45PSI
  • Updated:10 foot hose with Nitto quick-disconnect coupler for long reach!
  • 7015X05: Replacement 10' Hose Assembly

SAFETY CAUTION: Brake fluid is corrosive. When fluid spills, use water to flush away immediately.



Filling Procedure


1.    Make sure no pressure remains inside the unit. Pressure can be release from the release valve by the side of the pump.

2.    Remove new fluid cap on top of the unit, and fill the unit with new brake fluid. Make sure no remaining old fluid or debris in the tank.


Operating Instruction


1.    Select suitable adaptor from the selection provided with the unit. Install adaptor to the master cylinder of the brake system.

2.    Pump handle of the unit until reach recommended bleeding pressure. Open brake nipple and connect to suitable bleeding container. Once seeing the new fluid coming into the container, close the nipple. Repeat process on all 4 wheels (in any order).

3.    Once the process is complete, release the pressure by pressing down the release valve by the side of the pump. After releasing, disconnect fluid supply hose with adaptor on the master cylinder.

Note: Do not disconnect the adaptor before releasing the pressure.

4.    If necessary, adjust brake fluid level in the master cylinder. Replace the master cylinder cap on the vehicle.

5.    Dispose waste brake fluid in bleeding container safely..

Safety Caution: After each service, air pressure must be released via pressure release valve (1).     

Price $106.4993