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Part Number: 7010

Vacuum Brake Bleeder

Price $ 50.0143

  • Removes fluid through the bleeder nipple with shop air
  • 1 liter capacity, 1 meter (39") long tube with universal adapter
  • Gun with locking trigger and quick-connect


  1. Connect the brake bleeder to air supply.  Use between 70-98 PSI.
  2. Attach the hose to the brake nipple on the wheel and open by turning it slightly with a brake bleeder wrench.
  3. Squeeze the trigger to bleed the brake fluid from the vehicle.
  4. As the old brake fluid level starts dropping, add new brake fluid to the master cylinder reservoir.
  5. Close the brake nipple and detach the hose.
  6. Tighten the brake nipple.
  7. Clear excess brake fluid from the hose by depressing the trigger.
  8. Repeat the process at each wheel. 
Price $50.0143