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Part Number: 5115

Body Dent Puller

Price $ 42.8643

  • Removes dents in doors or fenders with sliding 2-1/2lb. (.9kg) hammer
  • Includes self-threading screw and hook attachments
  • OAL: 16" (41cm)


1.  Drill a hole in the dent or groove. For the screw puller bit, use a 1/8G? drill. For the GǣLG? bit, use a -+G? drill. If the dent is long or large, drill several wholes spread out evenly over the area of the dent.

2.  With the screw puller bit, insert the screw into the drilled hole, then rotate the tool handle until the screw is threaded deeply into the hole. With the GǣLG? puller bit, simply insert the bit through the hole.

3.  Slide the weight sharply against the tool handle repeatedly until the dent is removed.

4.  Use auto body filler or weld to fill the hole before painting.

Price $42.8643