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Part Number: 5083

6 Pc. EGT Sensor Socket Set

Price $ 78.6143

  • Sockets are designed to install and remove EGT sensors on cars & trucks without damaging connection wire, housing and sensor threads
  • Opening in hex working end for clearance
  • The offset and straight options make selecting the correct socket easy
  • Includes sizes:
    • 5083X01 G혀 13mm Offset
    • 5083X02 G혀 14mm Offset
    • 5083X03 G혀 17mm Offset
    • 5083X04 G혀 13mm Straight
    • 5083X05 G혀 14mm Straight
    • 5083X06 G혀 17mm Straight
  • Drive size: 3/8G?
Price $78.6143