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Part Number: 5078

6 Pc. Super Thin Probe Set

Price $ 28.5643

  • Super thin probes easily access the back of the connector between the insulator and the weather seal
  • Creates contact on the metal component without damaging the insulation
  • Probe measures 0.7mm with a straight, 45-¶ and 90-¶ angle for a wide range of applications
  • Connection end: 2mm female for use with Digital MultimeterG«÷s without the need for other adapters
    • Connect the super thin probe to the probe end found on the mutli-meter
  • Product Details:
    • Angle: 0-¶    -  0.7mm Probe
    • Angle: 45-¶  -  0.7mm Probe
    • Angle: 90-¶  -  0.7mm Probe
Price $28.5643