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Part Number: 5050

Ford Crankshaft Positioning Tool

Price $ 28.5643

  • Designed to position and hold the crankshaft when installing timing chains
  • Applications: 1993-2004 Ford 4.2L 2 valve, 4.6L 4-valve, 5.4L V8, and 6.8L V10 engines
  • These engines are not free-wheeling, and if an engine has "jumped time"; it is possible the cylinder heads need to be removed due to damage on the valves or pistons
  • Install over the crankshaft and engine front cover alignment dowel to position the crankshaft at T.D.C. for a proper timing chain installation

Application Chart:

Make Engine Year
Ford 4.2L 1997-2008
Ford 4.6L 2-valve 1990-2014
Ford 4.6L 4-valve 1993-2012
Ford 5.4L 1997-2017
Ford 6.8L 1997-2018
Price $28.5643