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Part Number: 4400

Strut Allignment Level

Price $ 71.4643

  • Restores vehicle camber setting after strut repair or installation
  • Allows vehicle use before making a more precise alignment
  • Works on all vehicles with MacPherson Struts
  • Also use for CV Joint, ball joint, or tie rod end service
  • Powerful magnet for mounting
  • Includes camber settings from 6to +6o


1.  With thumbwheel on bottom and tool in horizontal position, adjust to "zero" set.

2.  Place tool on flat part of hub or brake rotor at 12 o'clock position with all lugs torqued to spec. 

3.  Mark position of base with black marker to use during reassembly.

4.  Read and record measurement before disassembling of component.

5.  During assembly, adjust component to measurement obtained during disassembly.

6.  When measurement is back where it was at the start of the job,

NOTE: the camber should be exactly the same as before disassembly


Price $71.4643