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Part Number: 4357

Spare Tire Tool Hand Crank

Price $ 23.9843

  • This tool is part of CTA #4380 Spare Tire Tool Kit
  • Use for removal & installation of spare tires mounted under vehicle
  • Tool length - 24" / 61cm
  • 1/2" square drive
  • Tool must be used with CTA #4351, 4352, 4353, 4354, 4355, 4356, 4359 or 4360.  The square drive system between the Hand Crank and Tool is 12mm.  You cannot and should not use Impact Tools with this system.  You should never use Impact Tools when removing or installing the spare tire.  The crank provides sufficient torque and avoids damage to the tools and the spare tire hoist. 
Price $23.9843