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Part Number: 4210

CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers - Eared

Price $ 29.9943

  • Install Oetiker-type clamps used on many GM CV joint boots
  • Built-in 1/2" square drives in each arm for use with torque wrench and breaker bar, when high torque is required
  • OAL: 111/2" (29cm)


1. Position the boot over the CV joint, then slide both the small and large clamps into place.

2. Grasp the ears of each clamp with the tool jaws, then squeeze the handles together to fasten the clamp securely.

3. On some stainless steel clamps, remove the lower nut and bolt that goes through the slanted slot in order to deactivate the sliding anvil. Insert a torque wrench in one handle of the tool, and flex handle or breaker bar in the other handle. Compress the ears of the clamp until the specified torque reading is achieved (usually 90ft. lbs.). 

Price $29.9943