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Part Number: 4038

Rebound Spring Strut Tool

Price $ 154.4043

  • This kit allows the piston to be held in the extended position while replacing the internal rebound spring shock absorber
  • Kit includes Telescopic Puller, Puller Base Plate, Puller Handle, Piston Shaft Clamp with Nylon Jaws, 34mm & 59mm Piston Clamp Bolt Sets, 6mm Hex Key
  • Applications include BMW, Ford, Fiat, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota
  • Packed in blow mold case with instructions


  1. Place Piston Shaft Clamp over piston shaft and rest on shock absorber body, without tightening bolts.
  2. Assemble Telescopic Puller with Base Plate & Handle and position over shock absorber piston shaft, resting on the Piston Shaft Clamp.
  3. Screw original shock absorber nut onto piston thread, tightening by hand.  Add washers as spacers, as needed.
  4. Turn Puller Handle clockwise to extend shock absorber piston.
  5. When fully extended, tighten bolts in Piston Shaft Clamp. 
  6. Remove Puller assembly, then assemble spring and upper mounting according to manufacturerG«÷s instructions.
  7. Remove Piston Shaft Clamp after strut is assembled.



Price $154.4043