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Part Number: 4037

Pro Mac Strut Spring Compressor - Clam

Price $ 58.5943

  • Compresses the coil spring to replace the shock absorber unit or spring
  • Works on bent struts, strut tubes, and damaged pieces
  • Forged constructions, Acme threaded rod, and built-in detent pins to help lock the coil in place
  • Clamshell Pack



G㡠Only use on MacPherson strut springs with coil wire diameters of .625 inch or less

G㡠Always use latch locking pins

G㡠Always wear protective eyewear

  1. The spring tool consists of two rod-and-latch assemblies. On each rod there is an upper and lower latch. The upper latch contains a locking pin.
  2. Lubricate the rod threads with 30W oil before each use. Retract the upper latch locking pins by pulling back on them. Hook the upper and lower latches over the top and bottom coils of the spring. Push in the locking pins to lock the upper latches onto the top coil of the spring. The two rod-and latch assemblies should be attached exactly opposite each other on the spring.
  3. Begin compressing the spring by finger-tightening the bolts atop the upper latches on each side. After each side is snug, perform the rest of the tightening with a hand wrench or air wrench. Alternately tighten one side a short distance and then the other to assure equal compression on both sides. Keep tightening back and forth until the springs are sufficiently clear of the spring seats.
  4. Now perform repairs on strut as necessary following the automotive manufacturerGăÍs recommended procedures.
  5. Once repairs are complete and the tool-compressed spring is correctly positioned, alternately loosen the upper latch bolts equal short distances from one side to the other until the spring is fully decompressed.

CAUTION: To avoid injury, do not remove locking pins from upper latches until spring is fully decompressed.


Price $58.5943