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Part Number: 4036

Coil Spring Clamp Set

Price $ 47.1543

  • Removes and installs coil springs where removal through the center of the spring is not possible
  • Services both Straight & Curved Coil Springs
  • Includes S-bolts & wing nuts
  • Maximum diameter spring that the hooks will accommodate is 0.75".
  • Diameter of the rod: 5/8"


  1. Install 3 leg assemblies evenly around the spring.  Turn nuts finger-tight to hold in position.
  2. Install one S-bolt near the center of each leg with open end pointing away from the spring.  Place the bar and wing nuts on the S-bolt, then finger-tighten the wing nuts.
  3. Tighten each leg nut a little at a time to compress spring gradually.  Do not over-compress.
  4. To release the compressor, loosen each leg nut a little at a time.


  1. With the car raised and safely supported, place a jack under the lower control arm.  Raising the jack will compress the spring.
  2. Install as many leg assemblies and safety S-bolts as possible (see #1 & #2 above), then finger-tighten the leg nuts.
  3. Disconnect the lower control arm bolts, then slowly lower the jack until the spring can be removed.  The curved contour will remain.
  4. To install a new coil spring, use one or more legs and S-bolts to produce the necessary curve.

NOTE:  Keep the threaded portion of the legs clean and well greased.

Price $47.1543