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Part Number: 4035

Mac Strut Spring Compressor - Clam

Price $ 46.984

  • Compresses the coil spring to replace shock absorber or spring sets or to repair damaged spindles
  • Includes safety hooks
  • Clamshell pack
  • Be careful threading the bolt through the bottom into the extender


NOTE: Keep threads clean and well lubricated. Use with 15/16Gă? deepwell socket.

  1. Place hooks of one compressor over spring so that they engage coils that are the farthest apart possible. Be certain nuts are seated in hex cavity of double hook, then hand-tighten bolt.
  2. Place second compressor on spring opposite to the first.
  3. Insert safety hooks through holes in flat bar, place bar against back of single hook, then engage safety hooks under coil, one on each side of single hook. Tighten wing nuts by hand.

CAUTION: Any compressed spring is dangerous. Wear safety glasses and be certain the compressor and safety hooks engage the coils properly.

  1. Turn compressor bolts to compress spring. Alternate from one compressor to the other to keep action even. Compress until end of spring are free of seats (usually no more than 3Gă?).
  2. Remove dust cap, piston rod nut, upper bearing assembly and spring seat. Make sure you note order and direction of parts. Examine upper bearing assemble and any bushings present for damage, and replace as necessary.
  3. Remove spring, then replace strut or hydraulic strut insert as the car manufacturer recommends.
  4. Place spring on strut so it matches the seat properly, and then do the same with the upper seat. Install bearing assembly, torque piston rod nut to specifications, and install dust cover.
  5. Released compressor evenly by alternately unscrewing one bolt, and then the other.


Price $46.984