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Part Number: 4026

Dodge Wheel Hub Remover Adapter

Price $ 22.8443

  • Helps remove stuck front hubs on 2500 (3/4 ton) and 3500 (1 ton) Dodge P/U's (Late 1990s & Up)
  • Acts as pushing tool by placing against hub bolt then turning power steering against tool
  • Faster and safer than sledge hammer
  • Solid steel cylinder w/ 3/4" hex opening
  • OAL: 4-3/4" (12cm)


1. Loose the four hub bolts using a socket and ratchet

2. Back out bolts slightly (about a quarter of an inch), they will be used to press hub out of the knuckle

3. Place tool over the hub bolt

4. Turn steering knuckle assembly, wedging adapter against axle bracket

5. Turn steering wheel, applying pressure and removing hub

Price $22.8443