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Part Number: 3450

6 Pc. Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set

Price $ 8.9693

  • Disconnect fuel, transmission, oil cooler, and A/C lines
  • Tools are flexible injection-molded plastic and color-coded
  • Components available individually:
    • 3450x01 - size: 5/16Gă?
    • 3450x02 - size: 3/8Gă?
    • 3450x03 - size: 1/2Gă?
    • 3450x04 - size: 5/8Gă?
    • 3450x05 - size: 3/4
    • 3450x06 - size: 7/8Gă?


  1. To release residual pressure in a typical fuel injection system. Locate the service valve on the fuel rail. Remove the cap, then attach a suitable screw on the drain valve and hose assembly to the Schrader valve. Place the hose in a gasoline-safe container, and open the valve. MAKE SURE THE IGNITION SWITCH IS OFF.

NOTE: If a valve and hose assembly is not available, carefully wrap a large cloth or towel around the service valves, and then depress the Schrader valve pin through the cloth allowing the gasoline to be absorbed.

CAUTION: FIRE HAZARD! DO NOT SMOKE. Keep droplights a safe distance away. Eliminate any other possible sources of ignition.

  1. If no service valve is present, locate the fuel line connection closest to the fuel injectors, wrap it with a cloth as in the NOTE above, and open the connection.
  2. On air conditioning systems, use only the proper refrigerant recovery procedure and equipment to relieve the pressure and keep the refrigerant from causing environmental damage.
  3. Choose the disconnect tool that fits the line.
  4. Spread the tool enough at its split to install it on the line with the small diameter side toward the connector
  5. Holding the opposite side of the connector with one hand, insert the disconnect tool firmly into the connector with the other, and then separate the connector.
  6.  Before reassembly, carefully inspect the O-rings.
Price $8.9693