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Part Number: 2900

Heavy Duty Grease Fitting & Joint Unclogger / Cleaner

Price $ 52.1593

  • Opens stuck grease fittings and grease joints with powerful hydraulic impact
  • Softens dried-out grease inside joints and allows one to grease neglected steering, suspension and driveline joints
  • Includes auxiliary flex hose for hard-to-reach applications
  • Applications: Automotive, Marine, Lawn Maintenance, Farm & Heavy Equipment


Once the tool has been bled of air, you are ready to unclog a stuck fitting or joint. If using the Professional Model, push the grease coupler over the grease fitting and tap the piston head with a light hammer. It may take several taps, but the piston eventually moves down into the tool body. This is the indication that the joint is being opened. Once the piston has pushed all the oil out, remove the tool and grease the joint.

NOTE: Some joints are more stubborn than others. Several attempts with the grease joint rejuvenator may be necessary.

Price $52.1593