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Part Number: 2862

Dual Cam Clamp Tool

Price $ 42.304

  • Allows belt replacement by one person and prevents damage caused by mis-timing
  • Patented tooth design works with a wide range of cam gear sizes 4 G㢠6Gă? (101mm G㢠152mm) and configurations up to 3Gă? (76mm apart)
  • Use one on dual cam engines and two on quad cam engines
  • Features compact size for confined spaces of east/west engine compartments, large locking knobs and industrial-grade polymer construction


  1. Following manufactures repair procedures remove timing covers as required
  2. Rotate engine to align timing reference marks in accordance with manufacturers specifications
  3. Loosen both locking nuts on clamp slides
  4. Place clamp between drive belt gears
  5. Spread slides to engage teeth of clamp with gears
  6. Once securely engaged tighten clamp locking nuts
  7. Replace belt in accordance with manufacturers recommended procedure
  8. Loosen clamp locking nuts
  9. Remove clamp
  10. Recheck engine valve timing in accordance with manufactures recommended procedure



Price $42.304