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Part Number: 2800

Diesel Compression Test Kit

Price $ 111.5042

  • Features a 2-1/2-Inch / 63mm-diameter gauge with dual-calibration (0 - 1,000 PIS / 0 - 70kg/cm2) and side-release valve for multiple readings without removing adapter
  • Kit includes 13-Inch / 33cm flexible hose with swivel end quick coupler
  • Includes Adapter No 2800x01 for GM 43L 6-cyl, 43L and 57L 8-cyl, Ford/Navistar 69L and 73L, Int Harvester 69L 10mm x 10 Glow Plug applications
  • Includes Adapter No 2800x02 for VW, Volvo, Audi, Dodge, Mercedes and Cummins 59L (24mm x 20) injector applications
  • Also includes Adaptor No 2800x03 for GM 62L V8 10mm x 10 Glow Plug applications
  • Click 'Application Chart' for full applications!


  1. To do a compression test select the proper adapter for the engine to be tested.  The adapters are designed to replace either the glow plug or the injector on the engine.  Remove the glow plug or injector from the cylinder to be tested and shut off or bypass the fuel to that cylinder. 
  2. Turn the engine over for a few revolutions to blow out any carbon or foreign matter from the port area before connecting the adapter.

IMPORTANT: Always check the engine manufacturerG«÷s recommendations for compression testing before test.

  1. The adapters are designed to be threaded into or clamped into, the glow plug or injector hole in the same way the glow plug or injector is attached to the engine.  The top of the adapter has a male quick disconnect to accommodate the compression tester.  With the correct adapter in place on the engine, attach the compression tester to the adapter.  Make sure the locking sleeve on the quick coupler of the tester slides completely into place.
  2. Run, or turn over the engine to the manufacturerG«÷s specs until the maximum pressure is reached, usually with 8-12 strokes of the engine.  The reading is shown and held on the gauge. Push the side release valve to release pressure.

This compression tester has been completely tested at the factory for accuracy and leakage before shipment.  If, at some point after usage, the tool does not hold pressure the probable cause is foreign matter in either the release valve or the valve core in the adapter.  Usually by running an engine with the compression tester attached and holding down the side release valve, the foreign matter will be blown out.  In the event that a valve core fails, replace only with a special valve core from the dealer.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go



Price $111.5042