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Part Number: 2631

Tailpipe Cutter

Price $ 35.064

  • Cuts pipes from 3/4" to 3" / 19 to 76mm O.D. Carbide cutting wheels with spacers for superior tracking


IMPORTANT: Oil the cutting wheels and chain generously and frequently while cutting. Use motor oil.

  1. Loop the chain around the pipe and catch the cutting wheels in the notch in the handle.
  2. Bring the wheels against the pipe by turning the handle clockwise.

CAUTION: Tighten only enough to produce a slight drag G㢠over-tightening will destroy the tool! Let the cutting wheels do the work.

  1. Move the handle back and forth until the wheels cut in enough for the chain to become loose. Then, tighten the chain a little more.
  2. Continue moving the tool handle and tightening the chain until the pipe is cut through.


Price $35.064