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Part Number: 2367

2-Valve Ford Triton Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit 14 mm spark plugs

Price $ 489.775

  • Installs over-sized, alloy steel inserts to provide new threads on blown spark plugs from aluminum head
  • Repairs other brand inserts that fail
  • Applications: Ford ’96 – ’03 (4.6, 5.4 & 6.8, plus some later applications up to ’08)
  • Includes: 8 inserts (OD: 0.75" or 18.9mm / ID: 0.50" or 12.75mm), drill, tap, guide & air gun accessory, written instructions & DVD


  1. Make sure the valves are closed and the piston is down. You do not want shavings spread throughout the engine or to damage the piston with the drill. Use the cylinder leak detector to make sure the valves are closed. Plug the rubber stopper on the leak detector into the cylinder and connect to shop air. Use T-valve to let about 60 cu. ft. of air an hour or enough that you can hear and feel a volume of air going into the cylinder. The rubber cone “popping” out of the cylinder indicates that the valves are closed.
  2. Use bore scope to make sure that the piston is down at least 2” to 4”.
  3. Insert the guide into the cylinder. Insert the core drill through the guide. It is important to use a quality air ratchet. Bore out old threads. Remove the core drill and guide.
  4. Use the air gun to blow out all the shavings in the cylinder.
  5. Insert the tap into the guide. Insert the guide into the cylinder. Use the air ratchet to tap the hole that was previously drilled. Use cutting oil on the threads of the tap.
  6. *IMPORTANT* Use the air gun to blow out all the shavings in the cylinder. Use the bore scope to make sure that there is not any material left in the cylinder. Material left can cause internal engine damage.
  7. Screw the spark plug into the patented insert. Spread JB Weld or another heat resisting metal bonding material on the outer threads of the insert. DO NOT USE A QUICK SET VARIETY.
  8. Use your air ratchet to run the spark plug and insert into the head. This insert will become part of the engine.
  9. You can now reconnect the coil and the boot.
Price $489.775