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Part Number: 2235

Overhead Valve Spring Compressor Kit

Price $ 111.5042

  • Use with the cylinder head still on the engine and in the car, or with the cylinder head removed
  • Tool bolts to the head while the lever pivots from the base to compress the spring
  • Removal and installation of spring retaining keepers is made through the openings on both sides of the compression tube
  • Services most domestic and import car engines
    • Application example: GM 2.2L Ecotec engine

Instructions for Operating:

  1. Install compressed air adaptor. Either gas adaptor in spark plug hole or diesel adaptor in injector hole.
  2. Set up side brackets with long solid rod between them. Anchor brackets using valve cover holes.
  3. Using compressor handle, assemble with pins to fit application and center valve spring compressor head directly over spring. Use cross bar as folcrum point.
  4. Depress handle using valve spring compressor head and compress spring. Remove valve stem keepers. Replace spring and or seal. Assembly is reverse of removal.
Price $111.5042