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Part Number: 2231

O.H. Valve Spring Compressor

Price $ 22.8443

  • Removes valve spring keepers and springs without removing the cylinder head
  • Adjusts to fit springs on most cars
  • Sliding "T" handle for close clearances

Example applications: GM LS1 V8 valve springs


  1. Remove the rocker cover, rocker arms and spark plugs.
  2. Thread an Air Hold Fitting (CTA 2110) into the spark plug hole of the first cylinder to be done, then attach the hose from your air compressor. The pressure will hold the valves in the seated position.
  3. Mount the valve spring compressor so that its jaws engage the lowest coils of the spring.
  4. Lubricate the center screw, then turn it clockwise until its ram contacts the spring retainer squarely, then continue turning until the spring is fully compressed.
  5. Tap the top of the center screw lightly with a hammer to free the keepers from the retainer.
  6. Remove the keepers, retainer, spring and seal.

NOTE:  It is a good idea to plug any oil return holes in the cylinder head with rags so that you wont lose any valve keepers.

Price $22.8443