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Part Number: 2211

Overhead Valve Keeper Tool

Price $ 30.7093

  • Removes and replaces valve keepers on all gas and diesel overhead valve engines, including motorcycle, marine and aircraft engines
  • Tool is spring-loaded with built-in magnet to hold keepers


NOTE: Can be used while engine is in the car or on a work bench


  1. Secure the valve
  2. Position open end of handle over valve stem
  3. Push or tap handle to compress spring
  4. Keepers will attach to the magnet in the middle


  1. Load keepers in tool and in tool installer
  2. Position over valve stem
  3. Push or tap installers to engage keepers

IMPORTANT: Replace worn seals with umbrella-type seals ONLY

NOTE: Use the adapter on Mercedes Benz

Price $30.7093