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Part Number: 2112

Valve Spring Compressor

Price $ 114.3643

  • Replaces valve springs and valve stem oil seals without the need to remove the cylinder head
  • Applications include: BMW, VW, Audi, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Renault, Opel, Seat, and Clio


  • 1 -  Lever Bar
  • 4 - Valve Spring Compressor Adapters
    • O.D.: 24.75mm

    • O.D.: 27.50mm

    • O.D.: 30.25mm

    • O.D.: 35.50mm

  • 1 - Slotted/Notched Pulling Device
  • 1 - Hook Pulling Device
  • 1 - Connector for Valve Spring Adapters
  • 1 G㢠Connector for Pulling Device
  • 1 - Extension for Valve Spring Adapters


  1. Select appropriate size Valve Spring Compressor Adapter and attach to threaded connector at end of Lever Bar.

Note:  Add threaded extension, if necessary.

  1. Select appropriate Pulling Device, depending on engine. 
    1. Use the Slotted/Notched type and attach to head of threaded bolt, using threaded hole, as available.
    2. Use the Hook-Type device and hook onto the cylinder head or opposite camshaft, as available.

Note:  Adjust Connector to appropriate hole in lever bar, as needed.

Price $114.3643