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Part Number: 2029

Camshaft Bearing Tool

Price $ 190.125

  • Removes and installs Camshaft Bearings on most car and truck engines
  • Includes: 
    • Driver Bar with Extension
    • Nylon Guide Cone
    • 5 Expanding Drivers
      1. Range 1.475" - 1.700"
      2. Range 1.700" - 1.925"
      3. Range 1.925" - 2.150"
      4. Range 2.150" - 2.375"
      5. Range 2.375" - 2.690"
    • 2 sets of rubber sleeves
    • expander assembly
    • Washer


Removal Instructions:

  1. Select the proper expanding driver. Place expanding driver onto expander assembly. Note: to install or remove expanding driver, always push on or pull from ends. Pressure on the outside diameter may cause a bind against the rubber expander sleeve.
  2. Check to insure that separation lines between segments of expanding driver line up with separation lines on the expander assembly.
  3. Place nylon cone over the driving bar. Then select the proper driving washer from the driver range. It is important to use the proper driver washer to prevent damage to the expander assembly. Place the driving washer over the threaded portion of the expander assembly. Screw expander assembly with driving washer into driving bar. (The driver bar extension may be needed for removal of the rear bearings.)
  4. Operate tool from front of block. Insert into rear bearing and tighten until snug in bearing.
  5. Place nylon cone in first bearing housing and drive bearing out. WARNING: wear safety goggles. Loosen driver assembly to relieve pressure and pull tool back through the next bearing to be driven. Repeat above steps until all bearings are removed.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Reduce the expander assembly to its smallest size before installing bearings. Check the separation lines for proper alignment. Insert tool from the front of the block through the cam bearing housings until immediately in front of the rear bearing housing. Place bearing on expanding driver and tighten until bearing is held firmly. CHECK THE MANUFACTURES SPECIFICATION TO MAKE SURE THE OIL HOLES IN THE BEARING ARE POSITIONED IN THE PROPER LOCATION.
  2. Hold guide cone in the place in number one housing and drive bearing. Repeat above steps until all bearings are driven except the number one bearing. To dive the number one bearing, operate from the rear of the engine using the guide cone in the rear housing.
Price $190.125