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Part Number: 2027

Piston Ring Compressor - Truck

Price $ 21.4143

  • Application: Cars/Light Trucks
  • Depth: 31/2" (89mm)
  • Range: 31/2 - 7" (89 - 178mm)
  • Features ratchet mechanism with square drive tools to adjust diameter, enlarged crimped edge to prevent compressor from entering cylinder and spring steel construction with double band design


  1. Make sure the cylinders have been properly prepared and cleaned, then install the rings on the piston using CTA #2028 ring installer.
  2. Lubricate the cylinder walls and pistons generously with motor oil.
  3. Rotate the ring gaps so that they are on opposite sides of the piston and on the thrust faces.
  4. Loosen the two screws at the tools ratchet mechanism.

CAUTION:  Do not allow the tool to spring open or the steel straps may break.

  1. Install the tool over the piston with the square drive hole of the ratchet up, then tighten until the rings are fully compressed. Leave the bottom of the piston skirt exposed.
  2. Lower the connecting rod into the cylinder. Make sure the rod studs straddle the crankshaft and that any marks on the piston face in the right direction. Placing short lengths of rubber fuel line over the rod studs will protect the crankshaft.
  3. Insert the piston skirt into the cylinder until the dimples on the tool stop at the block surface.
  4. Using a hammer handle or a block of wood, tap the top of the piston until it is flush with the block.
Price $21.4143