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Part Number: 1001A

VibroShock Wrench w/ Vibrobar

Price $ 35.7143

  • Removes frozen or rusted screws, nuts, bolts or plugs without damage
  • Great for Brakes, Exhaust, Glow Plugs, Clamp-on Injectors, Lug Nuts
  • Use with Air Hammer
  • 3/8" Square Drive

For Complete kit including special sockets, see #1000 VibroShock Kit:

  • Bolts will rest on internal edge, directing all vibration on the head of the bolt, preventing damage and breakage. Watch the video below for further demonstration!
    • 1003                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 8mm
    • 1004                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 9mm
    • 1005                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 10mm
    • 1006                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 11mm
    • 1007                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 12mm
    • 1008                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 13mm
    • 1009                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 14mm

Click here to watch the VibroShock in action! 

Click here to download our VibroShock Flyer!


Price $35.7143