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Part Number: 1000

VibroShock Impact Tool Kit

Price $ 90.772

  • Removes frozen or rusted screws, nuts, bolts or plugs without damage.
  • Great for Brakes, Exhaust, Glow Plugs, Clamp-on Injectors, Lug Nuts
  • Set includes:
    • Vibro-shaft with articulated wrench 
    • 7 Metric Impact Sockets - 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm - all 3/8" square drive & all with "Internal Edge"
      • Bolts will rest on internal edge, directing all vibration on the head of the bolt, preventing damage and breakage. Watch the video below for further demonstration!
  • Packed in blowmold case

Click here to watch the VibroShock in action!

Click here to download our VibroShock Flyer!

All parts also available separately:

No.                    Description

1001                  Vibroshock Flex-Head Wrench (only)

1001A                Flex Wrench w/ VibroBar & Clip

1002                  Vibrobar & Clip (only)

1003                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 8mm

1004                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 9mm

1005                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 10mm

1006                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 11mm

1007                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 12mm

1008                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 13mm

1009                  Vibroshock Socket G혀 14mm

Price $90.772