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Part Number: 030600

Gear Puller Assortment

Price $ 727.155

  • All Pullers are forged from alloy, heat-treated steel, with fine-threaded center screws for extra pulling power
  • Jaws are adjustable and/or reversible to broaden applications
  • Most 3-Jaw Pullers can also convert to 2-Jaw Pullers
  • Assortment Features:
    • Includes 24Gă? x 42Gă? (61cm x 107cm) vinyl template, silk-screened with tool outlines and die-cut to fit 1Gă? pegboard
    • Includes complete set of hooks
    • Replacement parts available
    • Tools can be purchased individually

Size & Weight Application Chart: 

CTA # Size Weight Limit
8000B  4Gă? 2-Ton 
8005B  6Gă? 5-Ton 
8010B  7Gă? 5-Ton 
8020 10Gă? 7-Ton
8030 15Gă? 13-Ton
8035B 4Gă? 2-Ton
8040B  7Gă? 5-Ton 
8045B  8Gă? 5-Ton 
8050B  10Gă? 7-Ton
8057 14Gă? 13-Ton
Price $727.155