Help - how to lookup and select the correct part for your vehicle

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First time users please read the entire page before you return to the look up page. You can always come back to this help file by clicking the HELP button from the look up page.
Autopart.com sells shocks, struts, upper strut bearing plates, strut boot kits, lift supports for hoods, trunks, hatchbacks and steering stabilizers from Monroe. This is the manufacturer autopart.com recommends based on experience for best value in terms of products and service.
The lookup part number page is divided into 2 sections - upper and lower. You use the lower section to determine the correct part number. After you determine it, enter the part number manually into the text field in the upper section to see the price and current availability. Then you can proceed to order the parts online. Below are some tips for the vehicle selection process.
First you have to select if you have a passenger car / light truck or recreational vehicle.
Second you must select the make of your vehicle. Then select the type of product "Ride Control" for shocks, struts, boot kits, bearing plates or "Lift Support" for hood, truck, hatchbacks shocks or "steering stabilizer" if that is what you need. Then click "next".
Third select the model of your vehicle.
Fourth select the model year. Note that vehicles made after august of a certain year are considered generally next years models. Thus a ford explorer made in december of 1999 is actually a 2000 ford explorer. Your title and registration has the correct year.
Fifth select any additional information which may be required. If the catalog says "all" or if there is only one selection possible click on it to select it.
Sixth you will be presented with a schematic picture of the position of the parts in the vehicle - front or rear, left or right, etc. + the list of available parts with their description. Note that there may be more than one part. That means there are differnet quality shocks for the same application. If the part is not available at this time you will see "NA". Select the correct part number you need and type it manually in the text field in the UPPER section. Please double check you have typed the correct part number. Alternatively instead of manually entering the part number you can highlight it with the mouse, then copy and paste it in the text field. Then click the gray "Continue" Button to see the price and availability of that part and to order it if you decide.