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A251 Cap-Type Oil Filter Wrench - 76mm x 14 flat sides
  • Precision-stamped to remove Aftermarket and OE spin-on filters and filter housings
  • 76mm x 14 Flute
    • Interior Diameter
  • 3/8 square drive
  • Black finish
  • Brand Filter #
    FRAM CH8481
    FRAM CH9641
    OEM VW/Audi 06J11543C
    OEM VW/Audi 06A115561B
    Purolator L15505
    AC Delco PF34
    AC Delco PF44
    AC Delco PF46
    AC Delco PF51
    AC Delco PF54
    AC Delco PF59
    AC Delco PF60
    AC Delco PF1026
    AC Delco PF1127
    AC Delco PF1222
    AC Delco PF1232
    AC Delco PF1245
    AC Delco PF2192
    AC Delco PF2221
    Bosch 3330
    Bosch 3331
    Bosch 3332
    Bosch 3334
    Bosch 3400
    Bosch 3421
    Bosch 3422
    Bosch 3423
    Bosch 3430
    Bosch 72150
    Bosch 72161
    Bosch 72165
    Bosch 72209
    Bosch D3312
    Bosch D3330
    Bosch D3332
    Bosch D3331
    Bosch D3334
    Bosch D3421
    Bosch D3422
    Bosch D3423
    Bosch D3430
    FRAM TG9641
    Group 10 V64
    Group 12 V123
    Group 13 V183
    Group 15 V195
    Group 16 V241
    Group 17 V252
    Group 21 V4011
    Mobil 1 M1-101
    Mobil 1 M1-102
    Mobil 1 M1-104
    Mobil 1 M1-107
    Mobil 1 M1-113
    Mobil 1 M1-201
    Mobil 1 M1-205
    Mobil 1 M1-206
    Mobil 1 M1-208
    Mobil 1 M1-209
    Mobil 1 M1C-153
    Mobil 1 M1C-253
    MOPAR 4105409
    Motorcraft FL910
    Motorcraft FL2008
    Motorcraft FL2017B
    NAPA 7203
    PowerFlow SL10111
    PowerFlow SL10241
    PowerFlow SL14006
    PowerFlow SL20123
    PowerFlow SL20195
    PowerFlow SL20252
    PowerFlow SL24011
    PowerFlow SL24466
    PowerFlow SL255230
    Pro Line PPL-10111
    Pro Line PPL-10112
    Pro Line PPL-10241
    Pro Line PPL-12222
    Pro Line PPL-14006
    Pro Line PPL-20064
    Pro Line PPL-20195
    Pro Line PPL-20252
    Pro Line PPL-22500
    Pro Line PPL-24011
    Pro Line PPL-24457
    Pro Line PPL-24466
    Pro Line PPL-25230
    Pro Line PPL-25288
    Pure One PL10111
    Pure One PL10241
    Pure One PL12222
    Pure One PL14006
    Pure One PL15317
    Pure One PL15505
    Pure One PL20064
    Pure One PL20123
    Pure One PL20195
    Pure One PL20252
    Pure One PL22500
    Pure One PL24011
    Pure One PL24457 
    Pure One PL25230
    Pure One PL25288
    Purolator L4619
    Purolator L10028
    Purolator L10111
    Purolator L10112
    Purolator L10168
    Purolator L10183
    Purolator L10241
    Purolator L12222
    Purolator L14006
    Purolator L15317
    Purolator L17819
    Purolator L20064
    Purolator L20073
    Purolator L20123
    Purolator L20173
    Purolator L20195
    Purolator L20252
    Purolator L22500
    Purolator L24007
    Purolator L24011
    Purolator L24457
    Purolator L24466
    Purolator L25230
    Purolator L25277
    Purolator L25288
    Purolator L30042
    Purolator L30165
    Purolator L30251
    Purolator L44757
    Royal Purple 10-44
    Royal Purple 10-47
    Royal Purple 10-48
    Royal Purple 10-2808
    Royal Purple 10-2835
    Royal Purple 20-51A
    Royal Purple 20-59
    Royal Purple 20-400
    Royal Purple 20-500
    Royal Purple 20-561
    STP S044
    STP S2808
    STP S2827
    STP S2869
    STP S2903
    STP S3512
    STP S5618
    STP S6848
    STP S6941
    STP S8316
    STP S8481
    STP S9641
    STP S02861
    STP STP-45
    STP STP-47
    STP STP-51
    STP STP-51A
    STP STP-227
    STP STP-400
    STP STP-561
    STP STP-2700
    STP STP-2802
    STP STP-2805
    STP STP-2808
    STP STP-2821
    STP STP-2825
    STP STP-2827
    STP STP-2835
    STP STP-2849
    Supertech ST2808
    Supertech ST2870A
    Supertech ST3593A
    Supertech ST3600
    Supertech ST3614
    Supertech ST3682
    Supertech ST3980
    Valvoline VF3387A
    Valvoline VF3593A
    Valvoline VF3600
    Valvoline VF3614
    Valvoline VF3675
    Valvoline VF3980
    Valvoline VO80
    WIX 57203
    Valvoline VO69
    Penzoil PZ53
    Penzoil PZ60
    Penzoil PZ159
    Mazda LF05-14-302B
    FRAM CH6848
    Valvoline VO62