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A250 Cap-Type Oil Filter Wrench - 74mm/76mm x 15 flat sides
  • Precision-stamped to remove Aftermarket and OE spin-on filters and filter housings
  • 74/76mm x 15 Flute
    • Internal Diameter
  • 3/8" Square Drive
  • Black finish
  • Brand Filter #
    AC Delco PF46E
    AC Delco PF47
    AC Delco PF47E
    AC Delco PF50
    AC Delco PF52
    AC Delco PF53
    AC Delco PF57
    AC Delco PF61
    AC Delco PF61E
    AC Delco PF400A
    AC Delco UPFL400A
    FRAM CH9447
    FRAM DG3387A
    FRAM DG3593A
    FRAM DG3600
    FRAM DG3614
    FRAM DG3675
    FRAM DG3682
    FRAM DG3980
    FRAM HM10060
    FRAM HM2870A
    FRAM HM3387A
    FRAM HM3506
    FRAM HM3593A
    FRAM HM3600
    FRAM HM3614
    FRAM HM3682
    FRAM HM3980
    FRAM HM9837
    FRAM P1129
    FRAM P1145
    FRAM P3522
    FRAM P3627
    FRAM P3788
    FRAM P6425
    FRAM PH10060
    FRAM PH2825
    FRAM PH2846B
    FRAM PH2849A
    FRAM PH2870A
    FRAM PH2870B
    FRAM PH2895
    FRAM PH28A
    FRAM PH2951
    FRAM PH3387A
    FRAM PH3429
    FRAM PH3535
    FRAM PH3593A
    FRAM PH3614
    FRAM PH3627
    FRAM PH3639
    FRAM PH3675
    FRAM PH3682
    FRAM PH3807A
    FRAM PH3980
    FRAM PH4
    FRAM PH46
    FRAM PH5046
    FRAM PH5343
    FRAM PH5618
    FRAM PH6010A
    FRAM PH6016
    FRAM PH6022
    FRAM PH6065B
    FRAM PH6552
    FRAM PH6583
    FRAM PH6644
    FRAM PH6941
    FRAM PH7575
    FRAM PH8316
    FRAM PH922A
    FRAM PH9566
    FRAM PH966B
    FRAM PH9688
    FRAM PH9837
    FRAM TG10060
    FRAM TG2870A
    FRAM TG2951
    FRAM TG3387A
    FRAM TG3429
    FRAM TG3600
    FRAM TG3675
    FRAM TG3682
    FRAM TG3980
    FRAM TG8316
    FRAM TG9688
    FRAM TG9837
    FRAM XG2870A
    FRAM XG3387A
    FRAM XG3506
    FRAM XG3593A
    FRAM XG3600
    FRAM XG3614
    FRAM XG3682
    FRAM XG3980
    FRAM XG9688
    FRAM XG9837
    MOPAR 04781452BB
    Motorcraft FL400S
    Motorcraft FL500S
    Motorcraft FL2005
    NAPA 1315
    NAPA 1512
    NAPA 21036
    NAPA 21040
    NAPA 21042
    NAPA 21315
    NAPA 21334
    NAPA 21342
    NAPA 21348
    NAPA 21361
    NAPA 21516
    NAPA 21522
    NAPA 7046
    NAPA 7085
    NAPA 7701
    NAPA 91036
    OEM Mazda YF09 14302A
    Penzoil PZ27
    Penzoil PZ51
    Purolator L11091
    WIX 51315
    WIX 51512
    WIX 521036
    WIX 521040
    WIX 521042
    WIX 521315
    WIX 521334
    WIX 521342
    WIX 521348
    WIX 521361
    WIX 521516
    WIX 521522
    WIX 57046
    WIX 57085
    WIX 57701
    WIX 591036
    FRAM PH3506
    FRAM PH3600
    FRAM PH4681
    FRAM TG3506
    FRAM TG3593A
    FRAM TG3614

    Cap-Type Oil Filter Wrench Application Chart