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7088 Coolant System Filling & Air-Bleeding Kit with Universal Adapter
Refills and tops off cooling systems during air-bleeding process. Includes special funnel with air-bleed line, shut-off vavle, screen and handle, plus 4 adapters to fit most vehicle cooling systems, plus 45 degree elbow.
  • Filler Cone includes Metal shut-off valve, built-in screen to prevent contaminates from dropping into cooling system, built-in handles for one-hand use.
  • 4 adapters are color-coded and lock onto cooling system opening for tight seal
  • Special black adapter also converts Pressure Tester Adapters into Filling Adapters, so all threaded European systems can be serviced.
  • Strong molded plastic design for all parts
  • Air bleed line prevents burping action and speeds fluid flow