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096950 11 Pc. Cap Wrench Mechanic's Assortment
Contains all tools needed for removal of OEM and aftermarket spin-on filters found on domestic and import cars, such as GM FORD TOYOTA NISSAN MAZDA FIAT MITSUBISHI MERCEDES BMW AND OTHER Includes 11 Cap Wrenches: Cap Wrenches Specifications: No. Diameter No. Flutes Applications

A250- 74mm/76mm 15 Fram, Motorcraft

A251- 76mm 14 AC, Purolator, STP, Mazda

A252- 93mm 15 AC, Fram, Purolator, Nissan

A253- 93mm 36 Motorcraft

A254- 73mm 14 Toyota, Lexus

A255- 65mm/67mm 14 AC, Fram, Honda, Purolator, Toyota

A256- 68mm 14 Mitsubishi, Subaru

A257- 80mm 15 Honda, Nissan, Purolator

A258- 74mm 15 AC, Motorcraft

A263- 76mm 8 Mopar, Fiat, Lancia

A264- 76mm 15 Motorcraft