Automotive Tools and Instruments
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How to look up and order automotive tools and instruments!

If you already know the part number you would like to order please go direct to the search page.
If not read below:
You may search for keywords in the tool description to display different results but we advise to download/view the online pdf catalog files. The tools are best described and grouped in sections there. You need an Adobe Acrobat reader installed to view the pdf files.
Please download the pdf file(s) and scroll through them to see the the different parts. If need you may print and create your own paper catalog for future reference.
Write down on a piece of paper the part numbers you would like to check price. (Or do it in any text editor.)
Then click the button search
Enter the part number in the text field and click the button "Tool Search"
You will see the tool name.
Click the gray button to the left displaying the part number
You will see the specific tool description and an image of the part.
To order click : "Add to cart"
If you want to add more tools to your order click the back button of your browser to get back to the search page.
Once you have added the parts you want to the shopping cart click the blue "checkout" button.
In the next screen read all (including the terms and conditions) and enter all the required information.
Click the "continue" button" at the bottom of the page.
You will be able to verify the parts you have ordered and all personal information.
Once doublechecked hit the " confirm order" button.
The next screen will show you an invoice with an order number.