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Tools Details
Part Number:026400
NAME:10 Pc. OEM Oil & Fuel Service Kit
DESCRIPTION:Contains all tools needed for removal of Oil & Fuel Filter Housings and some OEM spin-on filters found on domestic and import cars. Includes six Cap Wrenches: Cap Wrenches Specifications: No. Diameter No. Flutes Applications A251- 76mm 14 AC, Purolator, STP, Mazda

A258- 74mm 15 AC, Motorcraft

A261- 86mm 16 Volvo

A265- 64mm 14 Lexus, Toyota

A266- 88mm 15 Hyundai

A267- 74.5mm 14 Dodge Sprinter, BMW, Mercedes

2570- 27mm Mercedes, Smart,Hyundai, Kia

2572- 32mm Saturn, GM, Mercedes

2573- 24mm Saturn, Cadillac

2574- 36mm BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Mini, VW, Audi